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Tax and Lien Foreclosure Sales

Bids updated once every business day, however there may be a lapse between bid being received and website being updated.


These properties are scheduled for our next upcoming tax & lien foreclosure auction to be held at noon at the Durham County Justice Center located at 510 S Dillard Street

Property Parcel ID Date of Auction Minimum Starting Bid
Vacant Land 606 Burlington Ave 116695 08/08/2017 $34683
708 Goodwin Rd 183480 08/08/2017 $5257
1107 Scout Dr 118399 08/08/2017 $7311


These properties are currently in the upset period of the bidding process. The current bid will expire at 5 pm on the date listed below.

Property Parcel ID Status Current Bid
4919 Lazyriver Dr 180068 Current Bid Expires 7/31/2017 $147376.17
Vacant Land 606 Fernway Ave 104886 Current Bid Expires 7/31/2017 $100000