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Tax and Lien Foreclosure Sales

Bids updated once every business day, however there may be a lapse between bid being received and website being updated.


These properties are scheduled for our next upcoming tax & lien foreclosure auction to be held at noon at the Durham County Justice Center located at 510 S Dillard Street

Property Parcel ID Date of Auction Minimum Starting Bid
2301 Bonnie Brae Rd 163826 REDEEMED


These properties are currently in the upset period of the bidding process. The current bid will expire at 5 pm on the date listed below.

Property Parcel ID Status Current Bid
706 N Hyde Park Ave 111184 Current Bid Expires 10/2/2017 $58000
1107 Scout Dr 118399 Current Bid Expires 10/2/2017 $66150